Appletree Air Foil


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The Appletree Airfoil is a high performance raceboard with a narrow race outline. The carbon construction makes this board super stiff which also helps you to get extra air. 

The 3 to 4 stage hull bottom makes that touchdowns are very easy to adapt. The Airfoil comes with twinracks instead of a tuttlebox which al other raceboard have. Those twinracks are way stronger and are making it possible to adjust the position of your foilmast to find the perfect trim. 

It has 5 rows of Y-inserts in the front and 5 in the back. which gives you plenty of options to find the right foot position. Deckpad is included with the board. 

Board dimensions:

AIR foil     Width     Thickness    Volume             Box position

  4’3”         15.55”      2.65”           23.87 Liters     10 cm from tail

The Appletree Airfoil only weighs 2.3KG. 

Our stock model comes in bordeaux red.