Jelle's set of the week Nexus

Jelle's set of the week Nexus

Great conditions, lots of space and a beach filled with water. It just screams to be shredded on. And Jelle was there to deliver, and he did.. Showing what the Nexus has to offer. 

In this lagoon episode Jelle shows you the art of flying, showing you why the Nexus brings more joy in your life. The Core Kiteboarding designers developed this state of the art kite by mixing their joy and pride together, with the genes from the phenomenal section 2 and the shape from a GTS which is named: future c-shape. The Nexus future c shape design delivers fast, tight turns and precise control. Imagine yourself carving perfect turns without getting lifted from your board. And so the Nexus has risen to help you shred all the styles. Hitting the waves or freestyling through difficult life matters.

The Nexus has some key features which make it glister more than all the other kites on the water. Like the new CIT fancy acronym behind the kites adjustable handling modes. Kite comes ready to fly in the common settings, but is adjustable to your preferences: Freestyle, wave and allround. 

The 3 strut system is another fancy adjustment which make the Nexus a bit lighter, improve drifting, faster handling which is great for wave surfing, strong, light and stable it’s the 3 way perfection. Basically what you’re looking for in a kite. From advanced riders to the newer ones the Nexus got your back.

Of course to hit the lagoon on such speed and power, You’ll need a board which can guarantee stability, crazy pop and traction. The Lieuwe Len10 board was there to be shredded on. Jelle was there to shred. As he flew over me several times I questions life. Do I really need to go that high? Is it worth it? Yes it is. And the Nexus and Lieuwe Len10 combo will help you get there. The sky is the limit…And maybe beyond with this setup and the right attitude.

Don't get me wrong though. All these high end jumps and crazy tricks may sound scary for the new kiter. The Nexus is practically made for every one to be ripped on. 

Rather get the feel yourself? We get it, and we happily supply you with the gear for a test run. So hop on in to your car, bike  or legwagon and come over for some quality advice.

Stay stoked!

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