GRAB IN THE DARK | A stab in the dark parody

GRAB IN THE DARK | A stab in the dark parody

Grab in the.. dark?

We’re back baby.

After a chaotic two and a half years, one of our favorite events of the year is finally back again. This time, YOU get to pick a board of your own choosing from the secret shaper!


You might know 'Stab in the Dark'. If not, it's a video series where shapers design a performance board for a specific surfer. All they get is their height and weight. The surfer will test all these boards without knowing who made them and select a top ten. Sometimes they can even guess the board by just feeling. Pretty cool right? 

We thought so too, so here's our parody of it: 'Grab in the Dark'. 

So what’s the plan?.. You might be wondering. 

We received a surfboard from one of our partners, which we've painted black. 

When you guess the exact dimensions, model and shaper, you win a free surfboard!

We'll display the surfboard in our Surfshop/Surfschool in Ouddorp Duin (Old Village Dunes). You as a surfer, or not-surfer, can visit the shop and get a grab on the board and feel it to your liking. Whether you touch it, lick it or stroke it, it doesn't really matter. I mean.. Whatever you need to do.


These are the rules that apply to win.

  • You have to guess the model, shaper and dimensions (length, width and thickness).
  • Grab the board and feel it real good. Wink.. As many times as you like!
  • You are not allowed to compare it to other displayed boards in our store.
  • You've got until the 8th of June to get it, after the deadline we'll reveal the dimensions. If more people got the right numbers we'll draw lots to get a winner.
  • You can only partake at our store in Ouddorp Duin, only 1 try though.
  • The winner gets to choose a surfboard of her or his liking from the shaper of the black board!

Stop by at the shop, enjoy a coffee, some smalltalk and take your chance with the board!

Check it out at Ouddorp Duin.




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