Wave & Jump of the Winter 21/22

Wave & Jump of the Winter 21/22


1 December 2021 - 31 March 2022


We said to try to make this contest an annual thing.
Here we are with a second edition.

This year in a new format. The Natural High Wave and Jump of the Winter. The idea for this surfing contest came last year when most surfers needed to stay home over winter. We wanted to show what a great playground we have right at our backdoor with the  North Sea. And to point out the appreciation that you don’t always have to travel far to satisfy your needs. After last year's success we are excited to continue with that mission and to keep on sharing the surf stoke of the Lowlands!

With the Wave and Jump of the Winter video contest we like to challenge all surfers in Holland/Belgium to push themselves to the limit in an attempt to score their best wave or jump in the cold and rough North Sea this winter. Throughout a four month period 1 December 2021 - 31 March 2022, surfers around Holland and Belgium can submit a video of their pumping barrel or their biggest jump. All the entries will be judged. Crazy prizes to win. So what's new? How to participate? Read here more…

In what discipline can you compete in?

How do you enter?
What is there to win?
What are the video guidelines?
What are the judge criteria?
Contest conditions
What were the winning entries of 20/21?


New Format!

We only have two disciplines to compete in: wave surfing and big air kiting. We dropped the foil discipline. To be honest we loved this discipline, just because we love to do it ourselves. However, by far this one had the littlest entries and it was also quite confusing and broadly interpretable what you understand under foiling (surf foiling, wing foiling, freestyle, slalom etc). Which made it confusing to communicate and to judge. Skipping for now, doesn't mean it’s never coming back...


The Wave of the Winter is about your greatest and most fun wave, the biggest barrel, or some send it airs.  #nhwaveofthewinter


The Jump of the Winter is about big air kitesurfing.
Scoring your highest jumps in combination with some good tricks.


of the Winter

For the brave ones that stand behind the camera for hours just to get that one winning shot.  The videographer, stating his name, automatically competes with the entry of the rider. Riders are also allowed to film from their own point of view (POV). In that case a videographer does not apply.

How do you enter?

for who

Any wavesurfer or kitesurfer


From 1 December 2021
till 31 March 2022


Located in The Netherlands
or Belgium



How to submit?

  1. Follow @surfshopnaturalhigh on Instagram. 
  2. On your Instagram feed, post a single shot video of your biggest wave or highest jump.
  3. Tag @surfshopnaturalhigh
  4. Use the right hashtag #nhwaveofthewinter or #nhjumpofthewinter
  5. Put down in the description of your feed post; videographer, date and spot name.

There is no maximum on entries. Also not per user. You can submit as many videos as you want.

What is there to win?

You will receive respect and honor from the surfing Lowlands. And there are 2 main prices for the winners. Per discipline one price. Plus an extra price when the skills of a videographer have been used.

Wave of the Winter

One time € 1000 cash prize

Jump of the Winter

One time € 1000 cash prize

of the Winter

€ 250 Natural High gift card per winning entry, when videographer is present, with a maximum of two for the two disciplines.

What are the video guidelines?

For a valid entry

  • Single shot video of your wave or jump of the Winter. No full edits or compilations.
  • You can film it yourself with, for example, a Gopro
  • Or it’s filmed by a videographer from the water or from the shore. In that case the videographer can apply to winn as well. 
  • The video has to be filmed in The Netherlands or Belgium. 
  • Between 1 December 2021 and 31 March 2022.
  • Minimum 720 dpi, but we prefer as high a quality as possible. 
  • Shot is posted without visual sponsored advertising or watermarks.

What are the judge criteria?

We hope for loads of entries. Therefore we have a judge team ready that will judge all the entries.

Ted de jager


Watersport man to the max. Born and raised, North Sea Coastline. Nature lover. Especially when nature delivers nice and pumping waves. Whether it’s for kitesurfing or wave surfing. As chief of the surf shop and former coach of our own Natural High surf team, he can’t wait what entries come in this year!

MARtijn van sinderen

Surfing as a way of life. That for sure counts for Martijn. Since he has his own camper van he travels around Europe to score the best waves. Also he is one of our most technical riders and will look for the combination of style, difficulty and power of each surfer in this contest.




A.k.a Chanti surf is our creative force behind the surf shop. And also a competitive surfer that participated in former championships. From her creative perspective she will have a look at the video style and of course the full sendit action in total.



wave sizE (Wave)
jump height & distance (KITE)







Contest terms & conditions

  • Use of video material and participation; It is a condition of entry that participants consent to the publication of their personal data and submitted videos. The data and videos can be used on different (social) platforms and for Natural High's media purposes.
  • Each participant warrants that its entry submission is the original work of the participant and that the participant is the exclusive owner and rights holder of the submitted video.
  • No responsibility is accepted for any contest entries that are incomplete, tagged incorrectly, posted wrong, delayed or any other reason.
  • Minimum of 15 entries are required. 
  • Prize winners will be notified personally by mail or through their Instagram account Early in April 2022. 
  • Prizes must be taken as they are and are strictly not exchangeable. Natural High reserves the right to replace items/ prizes with items of similar value.
  • Natural High is not liable for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any participant as a result of entering the Contest.

What were the previous winners of 2020-21?

Winner NH Wave of the Winter: @tomboelsma
Check the winning video here.

Winner NH Jump of the Winter: @jamie_overbeek
Check the winning video here.

Winner NH Foil Ride of the Winter: @rich.73
Check the winning video here.

Would you like to stay updated? We collect all entries and will give regular updates. Follow @surfshopnaturalhigh on Instagram to stay tuned.

If you have any questions please contact shop@natural-high.nl or give us a call +31 187 72 39 24.

Now let’s pray for a new Siberian bear to visit us this winter!

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