€100,- discount on a custom Lost Mayhem surfboard.

€100,- discount on a custom Lost Mayhem surfboard.

Matt "Mayhem" Biolos is in Europe and this is your chance to order a Lost custom surfboard that's designed and double checked by Matt himself in the Pukas surfboard factory.

This possibility runs untill the 5th of October!
To make your decision easier, we came up with an insane deal!
Order a custom Lost surfboard and get 100 euro discount.

This deal runs on all Lost surfboard orders untill the 5th of October.
Gettin excited? Check out the complete board collection:

Important to know:

Our staff is up to date about the complete Lost surfboards collection and can help you out to pick your new shred stick.
Boards can be ordered in PU and carbon wrap construction. If in need of some accessories, we can fullfill all your needs.

Expected delivery dates are late November.

Payment up front.
All orders after the 5th of October will go for standard rates.

Start ordering your custom board!

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