F-one BANDIT-S and bandit 2020

F-one BANDIT-S and bandit 2020

Yes they're here! 

The new F-ONE BANDIT 2020 and the BANDIT-S!
We're very exited to be the very first shop to get these kites. That excitement is something we would like to share with you! Join us this weekend at the Brouwersdam to be the very first to test out the Bandit 2020 and bandit-S. 

Location: Natural High, Brouwersdam. 
Date: Saturday the 17th of august
Time: From 10:00 til 18.00

Why you should be equally as excited as we are! 


The all-new BANDIT-S, a dedicated kite for surfing and riding strapless, for riders wo want complete control and whom truly value surfing with a kite. 

- With It's effortless maneuverability, the kite will steer to where ever you want it to.
- Focus on surfing instead of kiting, with it's excellent drift the Bandit-s will give you the best of both worlds. 
- Always be in control of it's power by your fingertips. 
- Whatever the conditions, the ride will definitely be smooth because of It's fantastic stability.
- Responding to your every command with It's fantastic feel and predictability. 

For more info about the BANDIT-S click here!

The legendary Bandit is back once again, the 2020 with extra focus towards big air and kite loops on the smaller sizes.

- Kites comes with squarer tips which results in more maneuverability.
- Get total control in the air with It's incredible top end.
- With improved stability which makes your kite behave as you want it. 
- The turning arc is always predictable, gives you fast, clean and powerful loops.
- Ride for longer, Lateral pull turned to forward energy

For more info about the BANDIT 2020 click here!


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