Slingshot Wingsurf starterpack V3

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This Slingshot Wingsurf startpack is carefully put together to give you the right setup to start flying above the water.  Set comes with foil & mastcovers and a handy bag to store your foil in. All screws and tools are included too.

The Slingwing V3

Very user friendly wing, It creates a lot of power which is helpful to get foiling early. The long handles make it easy to find the perfect trim, when you feel having a little bit too much power on the front-arm just just grab a little bit more forward and the other way around. This makes the ride very comfortable.  

The Phantasm E Series Foil

The E in E-series stands for Easy. This is what the E-series is, it is designed to provide a smooth lift and low-stall speeds. The thick profile of the E series wings make them very forgiving and predictable. The end-speed of this foil when pushing the limit is quite impressive too.

The Slingshot Wingcraft v1

One of the most wanted boards back in the days. The Wingcraft v1 is a great wingfoilboard to start with. The "baveled" rails make the board very forgiving during touchdowns and the construction of this board makes it bomb-proof.

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