Slingshot SlingWing V3

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The Slingwing V3 has got it all. This new wing has more power in comparison to it's previous brother. Riding a 5.0 from the V3 version gives you the same power as the 5.4 from the V2 version. This results in lighter handling and higher top-end speeds. 

The extra power is created thanks to the stiffer construction of the wing. Slingshot managed to stiffen this wing with help of a slightly bigger leading edge and a larger strut (boom). 

The higher end speeds combined with the rigid frame results in a high performance wing with a lot of boost and a lot of hangtime. We're loving it! 

Another great new feature on the Slingwing V3 are the bigger handles. Those bigger handles are making it easier to find the sweet spot of grip. 

If you're looking for a wing that is stable, powerful and providing an effortless downwind drift. The Slingshot Slingwing V3 might be the wing for you.

The Slingwing V3 is waiting for you to be tested in our testcenter at the Brouwersdam