Slingshot Misfit V10

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What do you get when one of the most world-renowned high-performance f reeride twin tips ever gets a supercharged outline and tip/tail profile? You get the MISFIT—the smoothest and driest ride of any twin tip ever made. MORE ABOUT THE MISFIT The MISFIT is beginner friendly, freestyle friendly, upwind, downwind, flat water, chop and big-air friendly. It’s our most versatile board, designed for all-conditions utility, with enough tech and performance built in to stand up to its reputation as one of the best all-around twin tips in kiteboarding. With a flatter and faster rocker line combined with a nice, mellow single-concave hull, you get one of the smoothest and driest rides out of any twin tip on the market. Additionally, the MISFIT’s tip and tail have Koroyd cutouts to reduce swingweight and a lively, pop-centric Atomic Wood Core.