Slingshot Manticore Wingfoil Set V3

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Foil (82cm Alu mast included)
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This wingfoil set is carefully put together to give you the best setup to get flying over the water. Everything is this set is from Slingshot and because of this everything will work at 100%. It is complete with Board, Wing foil and mast and comes with mastcovers and foil covers + Foil travel bag. Boardbag excluded. 

The Slingwing V3

Very user friendly wing, It creates a lot of power which is helpful to get foiling early. The long handles make it easy to find the perfect trim, when you feel having a little bit too much power on the front-arm just just grab a little bit more forward and the other way around. This makes the ride very comfortable. The stiff frame helps to reach higher speeds and let you fly higher when jumping. It's one of our staff favourites!

The Phantasm E Series Foil

The E in E-series stands for Easy. This is what the E-series is, it is designed to provide a smooth lift and low-stall speeds. The thick profile of the E series wings make them very forgiving and predictable. The end-speed of this foil when pushing the limit is quite impressive too. The mast in this pack is 82cm which is a great all-round length. The size of the foil has to be made bases on your weight an the type of winds you're going to be riding in. We recommend the E 866 for people under 70KG, the E990 for everyone inbetween 70KG and 88KG. For heavier riders the E1090 is the best choice.

The Slingshot Manticore Wingfoil board

The Manticore V1 was designed to help wingers progress and teach their friends with its durable compression molded construction. It features mellow chined rails and a flat bottom rocker for quick release onto foil and enough width to be stable even in choppy water. The strap-inserts make it possible to also put straps in the board for directer controller and jumping ability. The durable molded construction makes this board board strong and last long.