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      Since foiling has become more and more populair. The demand for a kite that performs well in the lightest conditions has grown big time. The Slingshot Ghost is the answer to this demand. 

      The Ghost is a single strut kite with a compact swept C-shape. It's been designed to be light, simple and easy to fly. The "swept-C-shape" combines the fast and agile steering of a C-kite with the on/off power delivery of swept wingtip shapes.

      The Ghost has been constructed in the "FlyWeight construction". Slingshot has minimized stitching and panels to create a kite that is as light as possible. 

      What can you expect from the Ghost V1 from Slingshot?

      - Fast and agile steering

      - A very good low end thanks to the very light design. (ideal for foiling)

      - Stiff profile thanks to the 4x4 Tejin Canopy, combined with the Slingshot split-strut technology. 

      - The Ghost drifts like a dream, which is a must for a foil specific kite. 

      Want to know more about this kite? It is waiting for you to be tested in our testcenter at the Brouwersdam!