North Seek Foil Board

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North Seek Foil Board

Let the Seek wing-foil board take you places you’ve never been. Upwind, downwind, ocean roller or lake. Wherever you fly, whatever adventure you take. Engineered for performance. Early take-offs. Effortless touchdown recovery.

The Seek provides you with an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil, becoming an extension of you – the rider. It has an ultra-lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction that is stiff, responsive and maneuverable and it’s precisely-balanced distribution of volume means that no matter whether you’re in displacement mode, skimming or foiling, your stance remains in the same position - no shuffling required.

Because every movement counts. Try it. Land it. Or pump it. Floater, sinker or somewhere in between – there’s a board size and volume for every start need. And no matter what, you won’t look like a kook carrying your setup to the water. The recessed carry handle will keep your Seek, Sonar and dignity safe.


- 5'1   x 25.5" x 4.5"   77 Liters

- 5'5  x 27.5" x 4.8"   97 Liters

- 5'9  x 29.5" x 5.2"   117 Liters

- 6'4  x 30"    x 5.2"   130 Liters