Lieuwe Shotgun Carbonara


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The name of the board explains what this is; it's basically a Shotgun, but instead of  laminating it with fiberglass, this model is laminated with carbon. This is done to give the board more performance.

This board was designed in collaboration with Gijs Wassenaar. The reason for the "Carbonara" was that some riders demanded a board with more speed to get higher and bigger. This is what the Shotgun Carbonara does, it lets you go fast and the carbon lamination provides heaps of pop. 

The above characteristics are making this board perfect for big air. This is why the Shotgun was the weapon of choice during the Red Bull King of the Air for Gijs. 

The Shotgun Carbonara is waiting for you to be tested in our testcenter at the Brouwersdam.  

The board comes with fins an without pads & straps.