Lieuwe Shotgun "old color"

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This is the most all-round model from Lieuwe. The Shotgun is designed for providing a smooth ride with the capabilities of a performance freestyle board. The Shotgun is a result of 3 years testing and improving. 

The anti-spray tips in combination with the dynamic flex are making this a very easy going board suitable for both beginners and more experienced kitesurfers. 

The Lieuwe Shotgun comes standardly with 45mm fins and without pads & straps.

Feel free to pass by our surfshop and give this board a test-ride when windy. 

Dimensions of the Lieuwe shotgun:

- 130 x 39cm

- 133 x 40cm

- 136 x 40,5cm

- 138 x 41cm

- 141 x 42cm

Handcrafted kitesurfboards made in Holland.

Board comes with fins and without pads & straps

Please let us know which color you prefer.