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The Say No More from Lieuwe kitesurfboards is a progressive wake-style kitesurfboard. Lieuwe focussed on designing a board which is lighter and less stiff in comparison to a traditional wake-style board. And they did a good job. 

The fat ABS rails of the Say No More are shorter than the center of the board, this results in a more loose/playful feeling since you''l have less edge in the water. Despite the shorter rails you can still make use of the length of the board while landing and loading your tricks. 

The Say No More has a quad concave which gives you that little bit of extra upwind ability. The bottom sheet of this 4 times more scratch resistant in comparison to the previous model. This in combination with the bomb proof ABS rail makes the Say No More very durable. It'll handle some abuse.

Interested in the Lieuwe Say No More? It's waiting for you to be tested in our surfshop at the Brouwersdam.


- 136 x 41

- 138 x 42

- 142 x 43

Handcrafted kitesurfboards in Holland.

Board comes with fins and without pads & straps