Lost Puddle Jumper


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Lib-tech Lost Puddle Jumper.

The Lib-tech Lost Puddle Jumper is a true small waveboard which performs great in our dutch waves. The wide outline of the Lib-tech puddle jumper gives the board a lot of paddlepower which makes it easy to catch every wave.

Thanks to the concave bottom of the Lib-tech Lost Puddle Jumper the board provides a lot of lift and an increased rail-curve which allows you to surf the wave radically from top to bottom. The V tail gives you the right amount of hold in radical carving maneuvers.

The Lib-tech Lost Puddle Jumper comes with dual tab finboxes and the collaboration series of Lib-tech are delivered without fins so is this board.

The Lib-tech Lost Puddle Jumper comes in the following dimensions:

Size Volume (L) Width Thickness
5’1” 25.5 19.5" 2.25"
5’3” 28.0 20.0" 2.32"
5’5” 30.5 20.5" 2.38"
5’7” 33.9 21.0" 2.5"
5'9” 37.65 21.5" 2.63"
5'11” 41.75 22.0" 2.75"
6'1” 44.0 22.5" 2.8"


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