Vissla High Seas 5/4 Hood Chest Zip Fullsuit Grey

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The Vissla 5-4 High Seas Hooded wetsuit. A top-end wetsuit for an affordable price. This wetsuit has all features that you wish for in a winter-wetsuit. It's stretchy, comfortable and most importantly keeps your body warm and cosy during winter surf-sessions. 

It features:

- GBS seams combined with Vissla's new neo 2.0 stretch taping on all seams. This creates a watertight suit that keeps cold water outside. 

- 100% I-Foam neoprene which is both stretchy and warm. 

- Full body thermal lining for insulation and quick drying.

- Single lined neoprene on the chest and back-part of the wetsuit. This makes a big difference when freezing offshores are blowing. A big plus in our opinion.

- Single lined hood for ultimate warmth.

- Frontzip entry. 

- Liquid tape cuff seals to prevent water from flushing in through the cuffs.