Rip Curl Flashbomb 4/3 Chest Zip Green

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The Rip Curl Flashbomb is one of the warmest and fastest drying wetsuits on the planet. The plushy flashlining, which is the main feature of this wetsuit, provides heaps of warmth, comfort and a very short drying time. 

This wetsuit comes with all available high-end features that Rip Curl offers:

  • Rip curl's super stretchy e6 neoprene. 4mm on legs and chest, 3mm on the arms. 
  • Glued blind stitched seams with flexible e6 taping on all seams. This taping makes the seams 99% waterproof and makes the seams very durable. 
  • Single lined neoprene panels on the back- and chestpart to reduce windchill and provide extra warmth. 
  • Chestzip.
  • Keypocket.