F-one Rocket Wing ASC + F-one Swing V2 + F-one FCT Gravity Foil pack

€2,687.40 €2,986.00
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The F-one Rocket Wing asc wingsurfpack is a very suitable pack for people that would like to get into wing-foiling at a reasonable price. The set includes everything you need to get flying.

The set includes:

- F-one Swing v2 in papaya mango or slate mango. Different sizes possible.

- F-one Rocket Wing ASC Wingboard in 5'5 (90liters) or 5'10 (110liters). 

- F-one Gravity FCT foil pack with 75cm mast. Choose 1800 when you're below 85kg. For heavier beginning riders the 2200 frontwing is recommendable.