F-one IC6 v3 950 kitefoil set

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The F-one IC6 950 has been designed to provide heaps of fun on the water. New to foiling? This is a great setup to learn your first steps into hydrofoiling. The IC6 950 frontwing has been designed to be as user friendly as possible.

The IC6 950 frontwing is designed for people that are new to foiling. The frontwing's relatively wide outline and thick profile create a lot of lift and provide a low stall-speed. This makes it possible to start-off slow and to practise on low speeds. This doen't mean that you will not enjoy this foil when you're more experienced. We have customers that are riding this foil for over 3 years now and they're still having a blast.

The foilboard in this set is the f-one pocket 145. This board is constructed in a twintip construction which makes it hufterproof and durable. Its shape makes it easy to start and gain enough board-speed to get the foil lifting. 

The F-one IC6 V3 foil set comes with a 65cm or a 85cm mast option and includes a set of F-one straps.