Rip Curl E Bomb 4/3 Zip Free Steamer

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The Rip Curl E bomb is a wetsuit from the performance line from Rip Curl. This means that it's designed to be as light and flexible as possible. And that is exactly what this wetsuit is, the E6 neoprene makes you feel like you're wearing your pyjamas. 

The thermal lining in this wetsuit absorbs as less water as possible but manages to keep you warm pretty well. Because the lining doesn't absorb much water you'll stay lighter which makes it easier to paddle into waves = more performance. The flexibile taping on essential parts makes sure that water stay out of the suit for a longer period. 

This wetsuit is definitely not the warmest 4mm wetsuit from Rip Curl, but it definitely lets you catch waves easier and paddle for longer without getting sore arms and shoulders.