Core GTS 4

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The Core GTS-4 kite!

Boost big, cruise relaxed, this kite will let you do whatever you want. The Core GTS4 is an aggressive allrounder, the most aggressive kite out of Core’s Universal + series. The Core GTS4 is constructed with 3 struts and has the Core Future-C shape. This shape gives the GTS4 a C-kite feel but thanks to the ultra-short and intelligent bridle system it’s way more user friendly than a traditional C-kite.

The GTS4 is very recommendable for the rider that wants to improve his unhooked level of riding or to make big kiteloops. This kite is also being using in the world’s most competitive competitions like “King of the air”. Core teamrider Steven Akkersdijk gave an amazing performance with the Core GTS4 last year.

The Core GTS4 has the following features:

  • Future-C Shape construction.
  • Radical reaction wingtips, these wingtips are providing cat-like reflexes of the GTS4.
  • ExoTex leading edge and struts for the ultimate durability vs. weight performance.
  • Core’s CoreTex Triple Ripstop canopy which is super strong and bombproof.
  • An ultra-short bridle system for extra direct feel.
  • The Core intelligent trim system (CIT) for setting up the kite to your preferences.
  • Speed valve for the quickest possible inflation of your kite!
The Core GTS4 is waiting for you to be tested in our testcenter at the Brouwersdam. Please feel free to ask your questions about this amazing kite.