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      The Slingshot  SST V6 is lighter and more streamlined with a strategic design to progress the development of wave-riding performance. Designed to the standards of wave-riding pioneer and industry icon, Ben Wilson, this all-new iteration of the SST builds upon its legendary legacy. 

      The new SST has the following exciting features:

      - Lighter design with thinner leading edge and bridles for faster steering.

      - Increased upwind performance thanks to the new wingtip design. 

      - Slingshot has used -50% less panels to reduce the weight, this makes the kite better on your foil too. 

      - Surf tough construction, this kite can take a beating. 

      - Curved wingtip design for better upwind ability and more responsiveness. 

      The new SST is waiting for you to be tested in our testcenter at the Brouwersdam.