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      Slingshot Rally

      The Slingshot Rally is a super allround multi usable kite. With the slingshot Rally you’re allowed to practice pretty much every single discipline of kitesurfing. It doesn’t matter whether you want to ride waves or want to make megajumps it`s all possible with the Slingshot Rally.

      At Surfshop Natural high we have our own testcenter, so if you are interested in a Slingshot Rally we offer you the chance to test it! How does testing work? Just walk into our shop and let us advice you what type and size fits the best into your expectations of how your kite should work.

      The Slingshot Rally is a Delta-C shaped kite, this shape makes the kite super easy to re-launch and gives the Slingshot Rally an amazing low-end performance. No wonder why our instructors prefer to use the Slingshot Rally in their lessons, this kite just works so well.

      Any questions about the Slingshot Rally? Feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail. Our crewmembers are always stoked to tell you all the ins and outs about the Slingshot Rally or any other product in our shop!