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      Slingshot kiteboard

      Searching for a new kiteboard that also allows you to go to the cable park? Maybe a Slingshot kiteboard could be something for you. Why? Because every Slingshot kiteboard comes with slingshots wakeboard slidercoating. This coating allows you to hit the sliders at the cable park too. In our surfshop we also offer a wide range Slingshot kitewave boards. Thanks to Slingshot`s wide kiteboard range we are always able to find the Slingshot kiteboard that fits the best into your style of riding.  In our surfshop we also offer a Slinghot kiteset, make sure you check this incredibly reasonable deal. Not sure which Slingshot kiteboard is the best choice for you? Just like all the other gear we sell, every single Slinghot kiteboard is waiting for you right now to get tested at the Brouwersdam!