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      Rip curl Wetsuit

      Rip curl wetsuits are the signature of the brand Rip curl. With their innovative technologies they are one of the leaders in making qualitatively good wetsuits. After all, they’ve been doing it for over 40 years now. For example, they have the world’s fastest drying wetsuit at the moment: the Flashbomb. The Rip curl Flashbomb is lined with flashlining, flashlining is an super technical weave technology with two layers, the first layer lets the water directly pass trough the second layer, the second layer funnels the water out very fast. This makes the Flashbomb the fastest drying wetsuit. Flashlining doesn`t only dry quick, it has a high isolation value too. Want to know more about every Rip curl wetsuit? See our Rip curl wetsuit collection.