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      Kite 8m

      When you are addicted to kitesurfing a kite 8m or a kite 9m can’t be missed in your quiver. This sizes are used most by kitesurfers. Where a kite 12m is too slow for some tricks and a kite 7m or a kite 6m is too fast and explosive. A kite 8m has the ideal balance between power and control. Not sure which type of kite 8m fits the best to your style of riding? At Surfshop Natural-High we have the “try before you buy” policy, this means you are able to test any kite or kiteboard we offer! So come to the Brouwersdam and figure out which kite 8m fits the best into your needs!

      Core GTS 5
      From €1,169.00
      F-one WTF!? F-one WTF!? - 55%
      From €495.00 €1,100.00
      Core XR5 Sold Out
      From €874.30 €1,249.00
      Slingshot Wave SST 2018 Slingshot Wave SST 2018Sold Out
      From €514.50 €1,029.00
      Core GTS 4 Sold Out
      From €811.85 €1,249.00
      F-one Furtive V1 F-one Furtive V1Sold Out
      From €535.50 €1,190.00
      Slingshot RPM 2017 Slingshot RPM 2017Sold Out
      From €476.55 €1,059.00