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      Kite 7m

      For the average kiter who likes to rock his twintip, a kite 7m is recommended to be the smallest kite of his quiver. Of course, it depends on the weight of the rider but the average kite quiver is a kite 7m as the smallest kite, a kite 9m in the middle and a kite 12m as the biggest kite. With a range like this you can hit the water in almost all conditions. For the average twintip kitesurfer with a weight of 80kg a kite smaller than a kite 7m is not recommendable.   

      F-one WTF!? F-one WTF!? - 55%
      From €495.00 €1,100.00
      Slingshot Wave SST 2018 Slingshot Wave SST 2018 - 50%
      From €514.50 €1,029.00
      Core XR5 - 30%
      From €874.30 €1,249.00
      Core GTS 4 - 35%
      From €811.85 €1,249.00
      Core GTS 5
      From €1,169.00
      Slingshot RPM 2017 Slingshot RPM 2017Sold Out
      From €476.55 €1,059.00