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      Kite 5m

      On the stormy days or for the lighter rider, a kite 5m could be a nice upgrade. With a kite 5m you can ride waves easily because it`s very fast, but in storms a kite 5m will launch you in to the air like a rocket. In our shop we offer kites 5m from Slingshot and F-one. Want to know which kite 5m fits the best into your needs? Come visit our shop at the Brouwersdam or give us a call! We are always stoked to help you finding the right gear!

      F-one WTF!? F-one WTF!? - 55%
      From €495.00 €1,100.00
      Slingshot Wave SST 2018 Slingshot Wave SST 2018 - 50%
      From €514.50 €1,029.00
      F-one Furtive V1 F-one Furtive V1 - 55%
      From €535.50 €1,190.00
      Core GTS 5
      From €1,169.00