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      Kite 12m

      A kite 12m allows you to go kitesurfing on the lighter days. Together with the kite 10m and the kite 11m, the kite 12m is the most popular kite size in the Netherlands. Why? Because the conditions in the summer mostly allow you to go out with a kite 12m. Of course a kite 12m can be seen as one of the slower kite sizes. But this also has some advances. Especially for the beginning kitesurfer, the bigger the kite gets, the slower the reaction when you steer your kite. So a bigger kite gives you more time to explore the powerzones of the kite while being on the water. Interested in a kite 12m or wan`t to know a kite 12m is something for you? Feel free to give us a call or visit us at the Brouwersdam for some personal advice.     

      F-one Furtive V1 F-one Furtive V1 - 55%
      From €535.50 €1,190.00
      F-one WTF!? F-one WTF!? - 55%
      From €495.00 €1,100.00
      Slingshot Wave SST 2018 Slingshot Wave SST 2018 - 50%
      From €514.50 €1,029.00
      Core XR5 - 30%
      From €874.30 €1,249.00
      Core GTS 4 - 35%
      From €811.85 €1,249.00
      Core GTS 5
      From €1,169.00
      Slingshot RPM 2017 Slingshot RPM 2017Sold Out
      From €476.55 €1,059.00